Centre Services

Got a question, lost your stuff, or want to hire equipment? Say hi at the Centre Management Office (located in the corridor between Tommy Hilfiger and New Balance), or give us a call at 09 622 2400.

Parents/Whānau Room

For family-friendly access, we’ve got two tamariki-friendly rooms to make your visit to Dress Smart just that bit easier! Please feel free to use our two private feeding rooms, which also include a changing table, parent/child toilet, and microwave. You can find these in the corridor between Puma and Converse, and in the corridor between Katsubi and Tank Juice.


There’s room in our waka for everyone, no matter your access level. We’ve got accessible bathrooms in the Centre, you’ll find accessible parking spaces in our car park – and if there is anything else we can do to make your visit easier, we really want to know about it! Check out our contact page for more.


Restrooms/wharepaku are found between Puma and Converse and between Katsubi and Tank Juice. These are for all our visitors, so please feel free to use them!

Wheelchair and stroller hire

Wheelchairs and prams are available for hire from the Centre Management Office in the corridor between Tommy Hilfiger and New Balance. Hire is free, just leave your Photo ID with us and get rolling.

Luggage drop-off

We love our out-of-Auckland visitors! Let us take care of your bags while you shop. You can drop them off to us in the Centre Management Office found in the corridor between Tommy Hilfiger and New Balance. It’s completely free – just leave your Photo ID with us while you shop and we’ll return it when you collect your luggage.

Free Parking

We want to make hanging out with us easy. So, parking is free for 180 minutes in our car park. If you need longer than this, ka pai! Pop down to our Centre Management Office in the corridor between Tommy Hilfiger and New Balance, so our team know (and you don’t get a breach notice!).

If you do happen to receive a breach notice, please check out the information included on either paying this or appealing. And if we can help, let us know – it is never our intention that our customers get a breach. 

Accessible parking is also available for any vehicles clearly displaying a valid mobility permit.

Our car park is locked each night, so it’s good to check out our car park opening hours:

Carpark hours

Arthur Street Carpark

  • Monday – Wednesday: 10:00am—5:30pm
  • Thursday (Late Night): 10:00am—7:30pm
  • Friday: 10:00am—5:30pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am—6:30pm

Church Street Carpark

  • Monday – Wednesday: 9:45am—5:30pm
  • Thursday (Late Night): 9:45am—7:30pm
  • Friday: 9:45am—5:30pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8:45am—6:30pm

Carpark entrances:

Map showing Dress Smart Auckland carpark entrances

Click/tap image to enlarge

Struggling to find a park when it’s really busy? We support our community and our community supports us – so you’re welcome to use the ‘Our Lady of Assumption’ Church car park for up to 180 minutes, located at 89 Galway Street, Onehunga.